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Why Can Cupping Therapy Be an Alternative Treatment For Shoulder Pain?

Cupping Therapy

Dealing with shoulder pain can be extremely uncomfortable when you are unable to rotate your arms or shoulder blades. Doing daily activities seems like a herculean task because of chronic shoulder pain.

So what to do?

Simply getting physiotherapy services may not help you heal faster. Therefore, most people have switched to an ancient alternative, cupping massage, to heal faster. Many people have stated that the cupping massage has offered the best and quicker pain relief

You may have noticed various celebrities have been promoting big circular marks on their backs; those are the marks of cupping massage. Today, cupping therapy has gained wide popularity among Indians.

Nevertheless, the cause of shoulder pain could be anything, but cupping massage heals all sorts of pain. 

Let’s get an idea of how cupping massage heals shoulder pain.

Understanding How Cupping Massage Works

There is a lot to learn about cupping therapy, otherwise known as Hijama therapy. The cupping practice involves placing the cups on the skin to create suction. As the tissues are drawn upward, this gentle suction action stimulates blood flow and promotes the natural healing process. 

How Does Cupping Massage Heal Shoulder Pain?

If you are wondering whether cupping therapy can work like magic, you are in the right place.

Let me first start by telling you that the cups used in the therapy are put on specific points to address shoulder pain. 

This suction pulls the skin and tissues upward, increasing blood circulation. This whole process of suction breaks the adhesion which is the main cause of restricted shoulder movement. Along with this, the increase in blood circulation promotes vital nutrients (oxygen) and tissue repair. 

These cups release tension and also restore muscle function. 

Faster Healing With Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy has been reported to offer shoulder pain relief for years. There are certain common benefits to having a cupping massage.

To begin with, you get:

Immediate pain relief

What could be a better godsend than having a technique that provides immediate pain relief? Well, cupping massage is a blessing for those who seek immediate neck and shoulder pain relief. As the suction process reduces muscle tension and provides relaxation, cupping can bring relief to both chronic and acute pain.

An Improved Range of Motion

Do you have restricted shoulder or neck movements due to chronic shoulder pain? Whatever the cause of your shoulder pain, cupping therapy can offer a quick solution once and for all. As dry cupping massage helps to loosen up the muscles and stretch them up, including the tendons and fascia around the shoulder areas, it improves flexibility.

Faster Healing 

When fresh and pure blood reaches your cells, there is no second thought about a faster healing mechanism. With fresh blood, your cells and tissues get fresh oxygen and other essential nutrients that help in tissue repair. So, if you are still wondering whether cupping is helpful, get one and decide for yourself. 

No Medications Required

Most people often look for another alternative source alongside physiotherapy. This includes a wide range of medications and painkillers to offer quick relief. But what people are not aware of is that cupping massages plus physiotherapy can lead to a better outcome. So, those who are seeking holistic healing must take cupping massage into consideration.

In Conclusion,

The benefits of Hijama therapy cannot be understated. Initially, during the session, you may feel a sensation of pulling or tightness in your skin when the cups are placed on it. Some individuals have reported feeling tingling or warmth. However, your feelings can vary depending on the level or intensity of your sensitivity.

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