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best tennis elbow treatment in Gurgaon.

Spinal Injury

The young population has a sedentary lifestyle and job profiles that require them to work exhaustively, eventually leading to many posture-related conditions. Spine pain can also result from unusual everyday activities and poor posture during work of 7-8 hours or more. It causes tension or overstretches in muscles. A long driving or sitting job without a break causes spine pain.

Physiotherapy can play a crucial role in improving the condition of the patient. Bone Strong Physiotherapy provides the best spinal injury treatment in Gurugram. Our tailor-made solutions catered according to individual requirements and provide relief and comfort. Looking for the best physiotherapy clinic near me? Book your appointment with us for spinal injury treatment.

A frozen shoulder is a major cause of shoulder pain in 40 to 60-year-olds, and it has been seen more commonly in women. There are many causes of this condition. Medical conditions like diabetes, cardiac diseases, and thyroid disorders increase the chance of inflicting a frozen shoulder.

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy will vary depending on the stage of the condition and the severity of your pain and stiffness. A Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy may get better naturally, but recovery is often slow. Treatment aims to keep your shoulder joint as pain-free and mobile as possible while your shoulder heals. Bone Strong Physiotherapy provides the Best Physiotherapy for Frozen shoulders in Gurgaon with effective results.

 Sciatica Pain treatment in Gurgaon.

Frozen Shoulder


Back Pain

Due to physical activity limitations and poor quality of life, most of us suffer from mild to severe back pain in various stages of our life. At Bone Strong, we understand the inhibitions and lag of treatment in people regarding their back pain. Our aim is to help society and offer them holistic treatment. We are diligent and transparent about the diagnosis, treatment plan, recovery time, and healing process. Based on various factors and patients' needs, we design and implement a tailored therapy plan and use various techniques and methods to ease back pain and prevent reoccurrence. Our team of physiotherapists provides exceptional back pain physiotherapy care.

Looking for the best back pain physiotherapy consultation in Gurgaon, contact us now.

Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow is a medical condition known as medial epicondylitis. The tendons of the forearm connected with the elbow on the inner side either get inflamed or have muscular pain. To recover your elbow, you need proper Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy Consultation. If not treated or cured on time, the pain can spread to the whole forearm, including the wrist.The primary reason behind having a tennis elbow issue is the damage to the muscles which control the movements of the fingers and the wrist. The tendons get damaged due to repetitive movement and stress on the same points. Consult us today to get the effective and best tennis elbow treatment in Gurgaon.

best Cervical Spondylitis Specialist in Gurgaon

Tennis Elbow

 cupping massage therapy in Gurgaon


Sciatica is the compression of the largest nerve, the Sciatic nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve begins from the lower lumber and travels down the legs on either side or both sides. Irritation of the sciatic nerve can cause lower back pain which diverges in the lower limb, including weakness, numbness, or sometimes tingling sensation. Physiotherapy treatment plays a significant role in treating and curing sciatica.

We will design a treatment plan according to the severity of the pain. Bone Strong offers the best physiotherapy for Sciatica treatment in Gurgaon. If you suffer from sciatica, do not delay. The best results are achieved when treated at the early stages. Consult us today for the Sciatica Pain treatment in Gurgaon.

Cervical Spondylitis is wear and tear disturbing the spinal disks in the neck. It is a common disease that worsens with age and is also known as cervical osteoarthritis. People suffering from Cervical Spondylitis commonly respond well to Physiotherapy Treatment. In some cases, people who have further neurologic symptoms are likely to be assisted by surgery. The best treatment for cervical pain among all is physiotherapy exercises done under physiotherapist supervision. Our physiotherapist offers effective pain relief by strengthening your neck and vertebrae. Consult with Bone Strong's best Cervical Spondylitis Specialist in Gurgaon and get an effective and proper Cervical pain treatment. Book your appointment with us today.

Cervical pain treatment. Book

Cervical Spondylitis

 Cupping therapy helps promote blood

Cupping massage

Cupping therapy is an alternative medication in which a therapist puts special cups on your body for some minutes to create suction. Cupping therapy helps promote blood circulation and relieve common muscle & joint pain, helping in reducing inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It is similar to the way deep tissue massage can be used to break up scar tissue and reduce pain.

Bone Strong offers the best cupping massage in Gurgaon to treat conditions like lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headache and migraine, knee pain, acne, nerve pain, and muscle stiffness. Book your appointment with us to enjoy the all-new cupping massage therapy in Gurgaon for heavenly relaxation from pain and muscle stiffness.

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis caused by breakdown, inflammation, and loss of cartilage in joints, mainly the hip, shoulder, and ankle. It is the most common chronic joint condition in which cartilage breaks and causes bones to rub together. This rubbing of bones causes stiffness, pain, and many other symptoms. The type of Physiotherapy treatment for Osteoarthritis in Gurgaon depends on the severity of the problem, location of the Osteoarthritis, medical history, activities, and occupation. We ensure that the affected area is not only treated for reduction of pain and swelling but also improve the quality of these interactions to avoid future degradation and degeneration. Book your appointment with the best physiotherapy center in Gurugram.

best physiotherapy center in Gurugram.


Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon.

Ankle Sprain

The ligaments, joining the leg bones to the bones of the foot region, get injured or damaged. It is a condition that can occur with anyone whose ankle has been twisted or turned in some awkward manner. The most effective way of treatment for ankle sprain is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy involves exercises to maintain flexibility and strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint after the swelling is gone. Get help from Bone Strong's professional physiotherapists. Bone Strong is one of the most advanced physiotherapy centers in Gurgaon with professional and experienced physiotherapists, providing the best Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon.