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Say Goodbye to Tennis Elbow with Physiotherapy

Tennis Elbow with Physiotherapy

Repetitive movements of the hands and wrists can cause tennis elbow. Whether you are a carpenter, musician, tennis player, or typist, or do an activity that involves prolonged and repetitive movements of your wrists, you’re prone to getting tennis elbow. It can happen to people of any age, and the best way to deal with chronic pain is to manage it through advanced physiotherapy treatment.

However, let us first understand what tennis elbow is

What is a Tennis elbow?

Overuse of the forearm is the main cause of tennis elbow. When the muscle in the forearm gets strained, inflammation or tear develops near the bony lump causing pain on the outside of the elbow. Moreover, if you keep repeating the activities that have caused tennis elbow, the tendons overload causing inflammation and degeneration. 

Causes and Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

Repetitive arm movements cause fatigue in your forearm muscle. A single tendon is attached to the forearm muscle, and due to excessive movements, when the muscles get fatigued, the tendons take the load, leading to the tennis elbow.

Once your tendons get overloaded and your muscles get irritated, there are specific symptoms that can cause difficulty in your daily life; it includes: 

1. Difficulty in performing daily activities like holding a coffee mug, turning the doorknobs, and so on.

2. Swelling in the area around the elbow

3. A lump or bulge in the elbow

4. Stiffness or pain while extending the arm

5. Tenderness

6. Burning or pain on the outer elbow

How does Physiotherapy help?

Proper Diagnosis

The main goal of physiotherapy exercises is to reduce inflammation and give rest to irritated muscles and tendons. Firstly, Your therapist will ask you to do small movements like outstretching arms, clocking wrists, and so on. After determining the cause of the pain, your doctor may ask you to stop playing sports or doing any activities that cause pain or exhaust your arms. Other diagnosis methods include MRI, X-ray, or electromyography.

Advanced Physiotherapy Treatment Plans

Your therapist may also use ice and compression while beginning the gentle exercises. Therefore, correctly diagnosing your pain is essential for determining a proper treatment plan. Your therapist may also use ice and compression while beginning the gentle exercises.

Your doctor may recommend physiotherapy, depending on the intensity of the pain. Physiotherapy exercises focus on strengthening the muscles in the forearm or using the right brace to relieve stress. 

Also, manual therapy like massage or manipulation to increase blood flow can also help in quick recovery. Similarly, stretching, and strengthening exercises are also recommended to control pain, along with a short-term medication course. 

Depending on the kind of pain, your recovery may take 6 months to 2 years to recover. The best way to stop the pain is to give your arm some rest and stop the activities for a while that have caused the pain.

How Do I Find The Right Physiotherapist for Tennis Elbow?

If you want to recover faster from your tennis elbow pain, Bonestrong Physiotherapy in Gurgaon offers advanced physiotherapy treatment in Gurgaon. Our physiotherapist offers a customized plan after proper diagnosis to provide a faster recovery. Our trained physiotherapist will first diagnose your pain to understand the cause of it and then recommend therapies and exercises accordingly. 

For more information on how the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon provides treatment for tennis elbow, contact us. 

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