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How does physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries speed up recovery?

physiotherapy treatment

Sports injuries can occur at any time and take years to heal. Athletes who receive physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries heal faster. Similarly, people who play sports on weekends, otherwise known as weekend athletes, also suffer from sports injuries. Equally, the term “sports injury,” is not only limited to athletes, but also to common people. For instance, factory workers suffer from tennis elbow; painters suffer from shoulder injuries; gardeners suffer from tendonitis, and so on. 

What is a sports injury?

Sports injury occurs when an individual suffers from an injury during sports or heavy exercises.

Types of pain in sports injuries

A person may suffer from two kinds of pain from a sports injury:

• Acute pain: The pain occurs when a person falls or gets their joints twisted. The key examples are sprains and dislocations. 

• Chronic pain: It occurs when you engage in strenuous exercise or continue to use a part of your body excessively. For instance, shin splints or stress fractures lead to chronic pain

Causes of sports injuries

There could be several reasons for sports injuries, such as overtraining or intense physical activities, not knowing the appropriate exercise techniques, intensive training, and so on. Furthermore, the other causes are running or jumping on hard surfaces, wearing the wrong shoes, poor flexibility, and prior injuries. 

How do physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries help in faster recovery?

Along with certain medications, physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries helps an individual recover faster due to the following reasons:

Inflammation reduction

Chronic inflammation happens due to autoimmune disorders where the body attacks healthy tissues. So, inflammation is a reaction to tissue damage. A physiotherapist will apply heat and cold therapy, massage, traction, acupuncture, and electrostimulation. 

Reduce muscle spasm

Physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries involves gentle stretching and massage therapy. One needs to identify what makes the spasm better or worse. One way to reduce muscle spasms is to identify the cause. Any professional physiotherapist will outline the treatment and exercises depending on the condition of the spasm. Here, physiotherapy treatment includes deep tissue massage, gentle stretches, stress management, heat and cold therapy, manual therapy, and so on. 

Increase strength

The main principle of physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries is to restore normal physical movement. With physiotherapy treatment, you can regain strength and restore mobility. The therapy helps increase muscle strength by overloading muscles. Doing it in a proper way will aid in faster recovery and increase strength. 

Increases mobility

A combination of cardio, strength training, and stretching helps to increase mobility. Therefore, the right exercises and movements can increase mobility and function. The exercises are designed in such a way that they need to be repeated regularly under proper guidance. Go to a physiotherapy clinic to get recommendations on the right exercises. 

How do I find a physiotherapy clinic for the treatment of sports injury?

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