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Improve Your Posture in The Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon


Have you ever been told not to slouch? Most office workers who have desk-bound jobs slouch while sitting on their chairs. This hurts the spine and leads to several other physical complications and poor posture after a prolonged period. Although there are numerous ways to straighten up the back, nothing works well like the best physiotherapy treatment.

But before we jump into physiotherapy treatment methods to improve your posture and spine alignment, let us check out the outcomes of having poor posture.

How Does Poor Posture Affect Your back? 

Poor posture while sitting at your desk hurts different spine regions, sometimes leading to degenerative disc problems. This leads to chronic or persistent pain somewhere around the neck, between the lower portions of the ribs, or in the hip region. 

Prolonged sitting hours with poor posture can also lead to other symptoms that may develop over time, such as poor digestion, misalignment of the musculoskeletal system, reduced flexibility, poor digestion, and much more. So, by the time you reach your 40s or 50s, you may have a strong chance of developing a herniated disc. Also, you may strain your muscles and neck which can cause inflammation over time. As a result, you may develop arthritis in the joint areas after a certain point of time. 

And this is when you need to visit a physiotherapy clinic that recommends exercises to help you overcome all the physical complications related to your spine and back. In this post, we will learn how the best physiotherapy treatment helps you straighten your back and maintain posture. 

Physiotherapists to Help Your Spine Align

Firstly, physiotherapists diagnose the cause and severity of the pain to recommend treatment. Here are some of the treatments that physiotherapists may recommend:

Manual therapy

This is otherwise known as “hands-on treatment,” which goes alongside rehabilitation. This hands-on technique is mostly used for the correction of spine misalignment. In manual therapy, physiotherapy uses hands-on manipulation techniques to decrease pain, and tissue tension and improve the range of motion by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow.

Physical exercises

Your physiotherapist may also recommend some exercises to loosen up your stiff muscles, joints and reduce the wear and tear on your spine. The therapy aims to strengthen weak muscles, reduce muscle tightness, and improve stability. With physical therapy, you strengthen the muscles that cause poor posture and improve flexibility to ease the strain on your spine. 

Customized exercises

A licensed physiotherapist will first diagnose the pain and help you improve your posture, which causes slouching and misalignment. With a personalized treatment plan to correct your posture and painful conditions, your physiotherapist will recommend some exercises that work for you. This includes plank poses, chin tucks, foam roller stretches, and many more. All the recommended exercises depend on the severity of your pain.

Educate Yourself 

The best part about physiotherapy is that you get to educate yourself and understand what hurts your spine. In addition, your physiotherapist will give you postural education and training to help you improve your balance and range of motion over time. As a result, your posture will improve over time and boost your confidence. 

When you are working on a laptop, typing your keyboard in poor posture affects your whole upper body and causes repetitive strain. This includes carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and so on. If you are someone who is desk-bound and has to sit for 8–9 hours in the office ideally, then getting an ergonomic workstation is essential. This will help you maintain good posture with a healthy back, spine, neck, and shoulder. 

Do You Need Help To Improve Your Posture With Physiotherapy?

Posture correction starts with identifying your pain points and working actively to overcome them. A physiotherapist helps you identify the areas that trigger pain and recommends exercises depending on the severity of your pain. If you are someone who has a desk job and sits for prolonged hours to accomplish your task, it is highly essential that you start exercising to avoid the pain that may develop over time.

But if you have not been able to get rid of slouching and trying hard to improve your posture, Bonestrong Physiotherapy offers the best physiotherapy treatment in Gurgaon. All staff here are well-trained to identify your issues and help you recover faster with the exercises. We will first diagnose your pain to understand the underlying cause of it and then recommend exercises accordingly. If you have a busy schedule, don’t worry. We also provide physiotherapy services at home to improve your posture. Our in-home physiotherapy services are available at your convenience. Contact us now!

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