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The Importance of Physiotherapy in Long-Term Stroke Rehabilitation

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A stroke affects a part of the brain responsible for mobility. It occurs when there is a clot or ruptured vessel that disrupts the blood flow in the brain and causes paralysis on one side of the body. However, with timely medical intervention and quality care, an individual can recover to some extent. Whereas, advanced physiotherapy treatment helps an individual recover faster and improves mobility.

But before we get to know how physiotherapy treatment alleviates post-stroke recovery, let us get some ideas about the role of physiotherapy in stroke rehabilitation.

What is stroke rehabilitation?

Stroke rehabilitation is a set of programs with different therapies to relearn the skills that are lost after a stroke. The therapist helps an individual regain the strength and ability of muscle movement.

Goal of advanced physiotherapy treatment for stroke rehabilitation

The main goal of stroke rehabilitation is to improve bodily functions to achieve high levels of independence. The physiotherapist helps in the strengthening of muscle mobility, limbs, and motor movements.

Role of the Physiotherapist in stroke rehabilitation

As the post-recovery period differs from person to person, the rehabilitation process also varies.

There are two stages of stroke rehabilitation. 

The first stage begins at the hospital one to two days after the stroke. The physiotherapist will begin with passive movements, which include small movements of arms, and legs, or may ask you to sit up on the bed. After a few days, an individual is able to make slight movements, depending on the severity of the stroke. 

The second stage includes intensive rehabilitation, which is a set of exercises aimed at addressing the post-stroke side effects. The therapist would access the rehabilitation regime to restore the normal functioning of the body. The main objective is to improve the range of motion, balance, control, strength, and motor movement.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for stroke rehabilitation 

The causes of stroke are high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, a lack of exercise, and smoking. However, with the right medical care and treatment, you will regain your mobility to some extent. 

Here are some benefits of physiotherapy for stroke rehabilitation:

It Improves Mobility – A strict exercise regime brings a positive outcome. The physiotherapist first access the severity of the stroke and give you a strict exercise regimen. These exercises improve your mobility and help with muscle strengthening.

It Builds confidence– As the exercises improve your balance and flexibility, you gain confidence and feel empowered.

It helps you Return to normalcy– With physiotherapy treatment, the quality of life improves. As you regain the mobility of your body, you return to your normal lifestyle while making healthy choices.

How do I find the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon?

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