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How Cupping Therapy Can Improve Athletic Performance?

cupping therapy of athletes

Several sportspeople, like athletes, or Olympians, are ardent supporters of cupping therapy. The pink-red bruises are not as painful as they look, say various sportspeople. The former basketball player, Kyle Singler, stated that the bruises may look intense, but the benefits are ample. In 2016, gold medalist Michael Phelps created a stir in the media with his bruise marks. Gymnast Alex Naddour made a similar statement for the same reason. Thanks to the internet, we are all aware of archaic therapy now.  

This ancient form of cupping therapy has a long history, and research is still ongoing. But several people have realized the advantages of the therapy. Many athletes, Olympians, celebrity trendsetters, swimmers, and so on have been taking up this therapy for fast healing or muscle recovery.

Four theories of cupping therapy

Pain-gate theory: It outlines the stimulation of certain nerve fibers at the point of pain. The cup activates neurons, which may block these pain signals, lowering pain in the individual.

Detox theory: The negative pressure decreases congestion caused by poor circulation in the body.  

Immune system activation theory: It increases the generation of natural killer cells and cytokines that produce anti-inflammatory properties. 

Muscle relaxation theory: It emphasizes that vasodilation enhances parasympathetic nerve activity, which leads to muscle relaxation.

What benefits can cupping treatment provide athletes?

Fast recovery: Many Olympians, swimmers, or athletes undergo extensive treatment for injuries or muscle recovery. This is quite a time-consuming process, as the body takes several years or days to heal. For easing or speeding up the recovery, cupping therapy is a godsend. Daily cupping helps people to get relief from acute pain. However, people who have some type of chronic illness can undergo this therapy every other day. 

Promotes chemical breakdown: Due to the suction process in this therapy, the muscles are pulled up to the surface of the skin. The process also leads to a chemical breakdown that helps get rid of toxins and other unwanted materials from the skin. The removal of unwanted toxins helps speed up the recovery process and sends minerals and vitamins to the body. This also improves the immune system’s functioning.

Reduce inflammation: The suction process of cupping therapy helps in the easing of inflammation. Just imagine getting a reverse massage! The vacuum-like suction in certain regions of the body helps to release chemicals, fibroblasts, and white blood cells. This, in turn, aids in the healing of the wound or injury. 

Increase blood flow: The ancient therapy helps in increasing blood circulation in the affected areas of the body. It reduces muscle pain and promotes cell repair. It aids in the development of new muscles and the production of new connective tissue.

Reduces fatigue: Cupping therapy aids in the reduction of fatigue. This old-age treatment helps to fight depression, anxiety, and insomnia, improving sleep patterns.  

Some interesting facts about cupping therapy

There is research going on about cupping therapy; however, there is still a lot of information to unpack. Chinese therapists believe that there are 12 meridians along which energy flows. It facilitates the access of various meridians that focus on the healing process.

However, getting cupping therapy alone doesn’t help you. It is a supplementary treatment in addition to standard medical care. As a result, combining cupping with a customized healthcare program will aid in the recovery process. 

Despite the bruises, cupping therapy is not as painful as it looks. Some people have reported feeling a slight pinch when the suction process begins. However, no major pain has yet been reported worldwide. 

Always get a trained therapist or a professional expert to perform this therapy on you. Many athletes have been performing this therapy on themselves; it is highly unrecommended. Experts know the procedure of the therapy that helps in the strengthening of the area. 

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