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How Cupping Therapy Can Help Reduce Stress

Cupping Therapy

Stress is a very common word in today’s lifestyle. Studies have shown that stress directly correlates with negative thoughts and emotions. Constant stress results in the increase of the production of adrenalin and cortisol levels in our bodies. It causes mental and physical health complications. Cupping therapy is one of the best ways to reduce stress and give relieving sensation to your body. Cupping therapy mainly increases blood flow in your body and eliminates toxins through the lymphatic system of the body. In this blog, we will see how cupping therapy can help reduce stress and also suggest one of the best cupping therapy in Gurgaon.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a Chinese traditional medicine in which specially designed cups are put on the skin to create suction. This suction helps in creating a vacuum and pulling out the toxin and lactic acid from the body. Blood circulation increases in the treated areas causing stagnant toxins to come out and supply fresh oxygenated blood to the target area.

How does Cupping Therapy work?

Cupping therapy has evolved from Chinese and Egyptian origins. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that the pain occurs in the body parts which lack proper blood flow. 

In cupping therapy, proper blood supply is ensured in targeted body areas. Fresh and oxygenated blood flows through the body and removes toxins, lymph, impurities, disease-causing pathogens, and other debris from the body. 

Your parasympathetic nervous system gets active during the therapy. It gives you a sense of calm and relaxing feeling in your body and mind. Often people go through crying spells during or after the therapy due to sheer relief and serenity. The therapy is capable of removing stress-causing negative emotions. 

You may have red, pink, or purple marks on your body after the therapy. It is a sign of the removal of toxins and lactic acid. These marks will vanish in 2-3 days or may take a week or longer to go.

How effective is Cupping Therapy in stress reduction? 

Cupping therapy is like a boon as it provides you with an option to treat different physical and mental problems. It helps in treating muscle pain and relaxation, strain, acne, stress, and many other disorders. 

It also helps in promoting a better sleep cycle by ensuring proper blood circulation. Lack of sound sleep often causes stress and anxiety in individuals. 

Thus cupping therapy is a great way to escape from mental complications. It is also lucrative in treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, back and neck pain, and chronic fatigue in body parts.

Is Cupping Therapy Right for You?

Cupping therapy is a completely safe treatment if taken by certified cupping therapy experts. If you have bleeding disorders like Hemophilia or blood clotting issues like deep vein thrombosis, or if you have a history of strokes or seizures, or if you have skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema you should consult with your doctor or the cupping therapist you are visiting first. You can try wet and dry cupping therapy as per the consultation with the therapists.

Get the Best Cupping Therapy in Gurgaon

After reading about all the benefits of cupping therapy, you might google for the best cupping therapy, let us make your search easier. At Bone Strong Physiotherapy, we provide the best cupping therapy in Gurgaon. So if you are also feeling muscle pain or dealing with problems like strain, acne, stress, back and neck pain, and chronic fatigue in body parts, it’s time to get the cupping therapy.

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