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7 essential uses of Hijama Wet cupping Therapy.

Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy

If you are experiencing pain in certain areas of the body or suffering from mental agony, go for cupping therapy, and you will never regret it. This ancient healing practice has helped millions of people, but unfortunately, it has been long forgotten. But thanks to swimming champion Michael Phelps and American actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Anniston, the archaic therapy is back in fashion amongst common men.

Cupping therapy is of many types: dry cupping, wet cupping, running cupping, and flash cupping. This blog is going to enlighten you with some interesting facts and uses of Hijama wet cupping therapy.

However, before we get into the essential uses and facts, let us first try to understand what wet cupping therapy or Hijama therapy is all about.

What is (Hijama) wet cupping therapy?

You may have noticed some brown and pink bruises on the backs of your favorite celebrities and wondered what these trendy marks were all about. Well, they have all undergone cupping therapy.
Since this blog is about wet cupping therapy, the procedure includes suction and controlled medicinal bleeding.

In this therapy, the skin is punctured and a little blood is drawn out in the suction process. This specific cupping treatment helps in the treatment of lower back pain, asthma, and neck and shoulder pain. Therapy, in addition to medication, can help with knee pain, acne, cough dyspnea, facial paralysis, hypertension, and other symptoms.

Check out why you should opt for a wet cupping massage?

If you are thinking about the after-effects, let us check out some facts about cupping therapy. This is completely safe, and if you are still concerned about any side effects, several organizations offer telemedical services to help you understand the therapy before recommending. Your bruise marks will fade, and you will have beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Let’s see what else the wet cupping treatment has to offer:

Pain relief: If you are someone going through arthritis, or other muscular pain, cupping therapy is the best solution. This therapy helps you get relief from all sorts of pain. Several athletes and sports enthusiasts have claimed that the therapy helps heal sore muscles, but this is only the beginning.

Toxin removal from blood: The suction draws the blood toxins closer to the tissue and pulls unwanted pathogens up to the surface of the skin. This facilitates the removal of toxins from the body.

Fatigue: Have insomnia or any sort of sleep disorders? Try cupping therapy! You will not regret it anyway. Institutions such as Bone Strong Therapy in Gurgaon offer personalized consultation and telemedical services to the public. So, what are you waiting for?

Healthy skin: If you spend a lot of money on your skincare routine, try this low-cost therapy. This treatment will certainly leave you with healthy skin, no puffiness, a lighter skin tone, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, facial toning, and many more benefits. This is an endless list, so try it for yourself to look young and beautiful with healthy skin.

Helps with reproductive issues: This is a common issue among females of all ages. Period cramps are quite common amongst youngsters and women of middle age, whereas postmenopausal issues amongst women are also on the higher side. But thanks to Hijama therapy, today the issues related to female infertility are also resolved.

Promote mental health: Now, Hijama therapy brings relief to mental agony, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Muscle pain, backaches, shoulder pain, and other sorts of unbearable pains affect the mental health of people. This harms both our professional and personal lives, and we should not take it for granted. Avail wet cupping therapy right away and bring back productivity.

Healthy lungs: If you stay in Delhi or Gurgaon, you must know what air pollution is. This is not just a newsworthy item but something to be serious about in the coming years. Long-term effects of lung issues can lead to bronchitis, and asthma affects the heart too. Wet cupping therapy improves blood circulation and the respiratory system.

If you want to know more about this treatment, consult the best physiotherapists at Bone Strong Physiotherapy, Gurgaon.

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