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Can slip disc be cured permanently without surgery?

slip disc be cured permanently without surgery

Many people with slip disc are first offered non-surgical treatment that mainly includes physiotherapy, relaxation, manual therapy, painkillers, and other traditional approaches. There are chances that a slipped disc will not show any symptoms at first but may lead to severe pain in the later stages. Physiotherapy for slip disc helps people get relief from pain and reduce the stress levels that occur in the back. 

Importance of physiotherapy for slip disc

Previously, people believed that if someone had a slip disc problems, they should rest for two to three weeks. However, things have changed, and people are advised to stay active. Therefore, physiotherapy plays a major role in getting relief from pain. Moreover, lying inactive or staying in bed for a prolonged period of time develops other problems. 

What are the chances of developing a slip disc problem among people?

Most people believe that slipped disc only happens to the elderly. However, it is also quite prevalent among young people. Alongside, smokers and people who sit for prolonged hours also develop the slip disc problem

How does physiotherapy help you treat slip disc?

The common non-surgical method is physiotherapy treatment that is to be followed under the guidelines of skilled physiotherapists. The therapy involves core exercises, deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapy, and traction.

Let us get a brief idea of some common slip disc physiotherapy exercises

Core exercises

The main role of exercises is to stabilize and support the lower spine. A slipped disc occurs due to the weakening of core muscles, which results in increased load and strain and, ultimately, back pain. But with the right kind of slip disc physiotherapy exercises, your core muscles will strengthen. 

Deep tissue massage

It is one of the most effective massages, as the therapist applies pressure to get relief from deep muscle tension and spasm. This massage helps prevent the movement of muscles in the affected area.

Endurance training

The exercises involved improved endurance and reduced fatigue in the back muscles. Repeated muscle contractions enhance the strength and endurance of muscles. Slip disc physiotherapy exercises help strengthen and build fatigue-resistant muscles and healthy joints. There are other benefits, such as improved heart, lung functions and circulatory system. 


Spinal traction is mainly used to get relief from pain occurring due to slipped disc. The main motive is to reduce the gravity effects on the spine. The therapist manually stretches the spine to reduce pressure on the affected disc. A foamed roller increases the effects of traction.

Thus, it play a major role in the recovery of slip disc problems. Getting the right kind of physiotherapist for an overall assessment of the pain and offering the correct exercise helps alleviate the pain and speeds up the recovery process. 

How do I find the best physiotherapist for slipped disc?

If you or someone you know is suffering from a slip disc problem and is seeking a physiotherapist, Bone Strong Physiotherapy is a phone call away. Our trained and certified experts provide affordable physiotherapy sessions to help you get relief from slip disc pain.

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