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Best Dry Needling in Gurgaon

Best Dry Needling in Gurgaon

Healthcare professionals have used dry needling for a long time to treat conditions related to muscles, neck, back, etc. Despite sounding intimidating and risky, dry needling therapy is a safe method to treat chronic pain, mainly in muscles and back. It is a branch of physiotherapy treatment practiced extensively by physical therapists. Physiotherapy is a profession that aims to restore people’s motion and function. Physical therapy can assist people in healing from injuries, trauma, diseases, or any other impairment in their daily lives. Physiotherapists at Bone Strong Physiotherapy prefer this method to give patients the best dry needling in Gurgaon.

Overview of Dry Needling

Myofascial trigger point release, often known as dry needling therapy, is one of the most effective methods for treating pain and mobility problems. Physiotherapists use the dry needling technique, in which they inject extremely sterile and fine needles into tissues to reduce inflammation. Although dry needling therapy is an intensive process, traditional surgery is not a part of it. There are no exceptions to the treatment, and dry needling is an option for even the elderly. Dry needling may be speedier and more efficient than conventional physical therapy procedures for treating deeper intramuscular trigger sites. A trusted physiotherapist must do your dry needling treatment. Bone Strong Physiotherapy provides the best dry needling in Gurgaon when it comes to specialist requirements.

What is Dry Needling therapy?

Dry needling therapy is physiotherapy in which fragile and delicate stainless-steel needles are inserted into accurately determined points within the target muscle to cure muscular pain. This detailed intramuscular therapy can be highly beneficial in assisting with healing, alleviating pain, and enhancing strength and flexibility. All of this is accomplished without the aid of drugs or medicine. Dry needling therapy may be especially beneficial for patients uncomfortable with pain medication or the elderly. Dry needling therapy has become highly efficient among patients suffering from chronic conditions, eliminating long-term pain.

Treatments through Dry Needling therapy

Dry needling therapy is only one aspect of the physiotherapy notion. However, Physiotherapists may combine it with strength training, massage, hands-on therapies, heat therapy, and other therapies. The following are the conditions that physiotherapists can treat with the help of dry needling therapy –

Back pain

Tennis elbow

Neck pain

Pain in the pelvic area

Frequent Headaches and dizziness

Joint conditions

Myofascial pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Shin splints

Whiplash conditions

Improving flexibility

Improving body motions

Shoulder impingement

Spinal disorders

Recovering from Jaw disorders



Treatment through trigger points

The needles are inserted into or alongside muscle knots. The trigger point is frequently located near the site of the affected area. However, the pain may be somewhere else in the body.

Benefits of Dry Needling therapy

Many patients believe that dry needling is painless. This belief is entirely accurate because the needles are pretty sharp and thin. It does not hurt the patient even a bit during needle insertion. Dry needling therapy ignites the flow of blood in the body. As a result, the complete therapy experience is quite relaxing instead of painless.

The following are the benefits of dry needling therapy –

1) Helps in recovering from muscular pain –

Dry needling therapy seeks to locate the source of pain in the muscles. The therapist will insert needles into trigger points if the patient is experiencing back or shoulder pain. It relieves muscle tension and pressure while also releasing inflammation and toxins. As a result, they are relieved of their pain immediately.

2) Accelerates Recovery process –

Dry needling therapy restores blood and oxygen flow by releasing tension and knots. It enables you to move through your complete range of motion. Enhancing overall function can assist in reducing or altogether removing pain. Furthermore, it allows you to concentrate on your activities rather than the pain.

Why Bone Strong?

Dry needling therapy is more than just inserting a needle into your body and instantaneously giving you a feeling of recovery. Needling therapy causes a blood clot, which initiates a series of bodily systems that fix up wounded and inflamed body tissues. Therapists at Bone Strong Physiotherapy are experienced, and experts in providing the best physiotherapy services in sector 49 Gurgaon.  Dry needling therapy is effective because it empowers your body to repair itself and recover from the injury.

If you are searching for “the best dry needling near me“, connect with Bone Strong Physiotherapy – A physiotherapy center that facilitates the best dry needling in Gurgaon.

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