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Best Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatment In Gurgaon

Backpain physiotherapy in Gurgaon

India has been booming in several major sectors recently, whether IT, Business, Sports, International Tie-Ups, etc. Stats are phenomenal, and Jobs and Responsibilities in these sectors are a pain in the back, metaphorically and literally. Recent reports from NCBI show that over 51% of people in India suffer from back and lower body pains annually. Most of these cases are of adults 18-24, Out of which only around 30-35% opt for a cure through physical therapy/ physiotherapy for back pain.

Bone Strong Physiotherapy comes to the rescue for your condition as we have years of knowledge and experience in Medical Sciences and Applied Treatments. We have helped thousands of patients achieve an improved way of living, which has earned us the title of being among the best Physiotherapists for Back Pain in Gurgaon.

But what exactly is Back Pain? Let’s find out.

Back Pain – Concept and Causes

Back pain is a general term for discomfort in the back or spine. It can affect various back parts, be either mild or severe, last a few weeks or years, and hinder one or more of the back’s joints. It’s a very typical issue. Although both men and women report back problems, people 30 and older are more likely to face them. Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, making it one of the most common medical causes of doctor visits.

Different types of back pain can be categorized. Pain in the lower portion of the spine is referred to as lower back pain (the lumbar spine). Back issues can also affect the thoracic spine, the cervical spine, and the tailbone in the upper back and neck (coccyx). The following could be the reason why you are feeling sudden pain in your back regularly –

● Bad Posture

● Muscle Sprain


Weakness in Back Muscles

Negligence of Physical activities

Obesity, etc. 

Your spine, also known as your backbone, is a complicated structure composed of 24 small bones, known as vertebrae, stacked on top of one another. The spine’s flexibility is provided by the discs that lay between each vertebra and serve as pillows or shock absorbers. Tiny facet joints connect the vertebrae. Your back is capable of movement and flexes thanks to these joints. The spine is held together by a web of muscles and ligaments, which allows you to move. 

There are many things you can do to treat back pain. Any worries you might have can be addressed, and talking to your doctor or physical therapist can help you better understand your treatment. You can always opt for physiotherapy for back pain from Bone Strong Physiotherapy – the best physiotherapist for Back Pain in Gurgaon.

Treating Back Pain through Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists at Bone Strong Physiotherapy are skilled and have medical expertise in treating acute to chronic diseases and health conditions. From improving mental health conditions to back pain treatment, the therapy session provides benefits that are as follows –

(a) Help Reduce Body Pain;

(b) Relaxes Muscles and Improves Blood Circulation;

(c) It avoids the need for surgery;

(d) Improvise Mobility and Coordination;

(d) Help in recovering from severe health conditions and Injuries;

(e) Eliminates the need for medicines;

(f) Staying Fit and maintaining health;

(g) It improves the Mental and Physical State of the body.

Physical therapy assists in regaining the patient’s ability to carry out daily tasks with no distress. Large-scale studies have demonstrated that physical therapy can reduce lower back and chronic conditions by a large margin.

Physiotherapy may be helpful if you have had a disorder, like arthritis, for a while to increase mobility and restore range of motion. Studies have shown that people with lower back pain who participate in treatment programs are less prone to undergo a recurrence of their pain and are less likely to consult their doctor as a result. If you decide to continue participating in sports despite injuries e, physiotherapy can be incredibly useful.

Why Bone Strong?

A person can live their life to the fullest if their overall health is well-maintained and their body safe and immune from diseases. Physiotherapists at Bone Strong Physiotherapy aim to help those suffering from injuries, body pain, and disabilities and seek cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopedic, or the most common one – back pain treatment.

Get in touch with Bone Strong Physiotherapy today, and get help from the best physiotherapist for back pain in Gurgaon.

If you have any inquiries regarding Best Back Pain Treatment in Gurgaon or want to book an appointment, we are happy to customize your treatment session.

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