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Back Pain at Work? How Cupping Therapy Helps You

reduce back pain through cupping therapy

There can be multiple reasons for back pain, and one of the common causes is prolonged sitting hours at work or having a desk job. Sitting for a longer duration with limited physical movements can affect your back, triggering chronic back pain in the later phase. As a result, your back may feel stiff and sore after a certain period of time.

However, the good news is that there are many things you can do to prevent your back pain, and one of them is getting hijama therapy or cupping therapy. But before getting more facts on how cupping therapy treatment can help in back pain management, let us get some understanding of what causes your back pain at work.

Common Causes of Back Pain at Work

Your back pain can range from sudden to acute. Sitting constantly in one position for 8–9 hours can result in some serious discomfort for your physical health.

Here are some common causes:

Prolonged Sitting Hours

Desk-bound occupations can strain your back, especially when you have poor sitting posture and inadequate back support. If your job demands prolonged desk hours, it is better to make small movements to break the stress and tension in your back muscles. So, sitting upright, shifting around, walking, or simply standing straight can ease your back muscles.

Chronic Health Conditions

Sometimes, numerous chronic health conditions can cause back pain. For instance, arthritis, sciatica, or being overweight can cause pain in your back, especially when you have a job that requires prolonged sitting hours. Similarly, factors such as aging, obesity, a lack of calcium and vitamin D, and a decrease in balance and strength can increase your chances of falling and injuring your back.

No Proper Back Support

Poor or lack of proper back support, the poor position of your desk, or an uneven eye level with your computer monitor can contribute to back pain after a certain period of time. Investing in ergonomic chairs can help employees manage back pain. Ergonomic chairs improve posture and reduce hip pressure with suitable seat depth to support the hips as they carry the weight of the upper body. The right kind of office chairs improve productivity and add comfort to employees.

So, how can you help manage your back pain at work?

There are collective measures that help reduce back pain. One of the measures is cupping therapy, an ancient Chinese medicine that helps the Qi or life force flow through the body and enhances your overall well-being. When your Qi is restored, it alleviates symptoms like back pain.

The therapy involves placing cups on the skin to create suction that pulls the skin and tissues up to the surface of the skin to promote circulation and reduce pain and inflammation.

Cupping Therapy Treatment to Reduce Your Back Pain

Cupping therapy is the opposite of massage. In massage, one applies pressure to the body, whereas in hijama therapy, the suction process lifts up the skin, muscles, and tissues. As a result of contractions in the muscles, the therapy feels relaxing. So, the blood rushes to reach out to the affected area, and new blood comes in, which heals the muscles and releases the toxicity naturally.

Types of Cupping Therapy

There are many types of cupping therapy, like dry cupping, wet cupping, fire cupping, herbal cupping, water cupping, and many more. To learn more about the benefits of wet cupping therapy, you can read our blog on the 7 essential uses of Hijama Wet cupping Therapy. This ancient healing method helps to reduce muscle tightness, increase blood circulation, release toxins to relax the tissues, and increase the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Get Cupping Therapy in Gurgaon

Back pain at work breaks your work-life balance as you may not be able to focus on your work and finish it on time. This results in working overtime to finish up your work faster. Treating your back pain sooner is important to eliminate extreme pain and discomfort. Cupping therapy can be an effective remedy for your back pain. If you have been looking for the best cupping therapy treatment in Gurgaon, get in touch with Bonestrong Physiotherapy which offers the best physiotherapists near you.

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